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City leaders approve new liquor law in hopes of attracting businesses

BROOKHAVEN — Aldermen have chosen to adopt a comprehensive liquor law, which city attorney Joe Fernald says could attract new businesses to the city.

The Daily Leader reports the action by the Board of Aldermen followed a June 4 referendum in which 69 percent of those voting approved of liquor sales in Brookhaven.

The aldermen adopted the concept of a law covering sales at liquor stores, clubs, bars and restaurants. Their alternative was regulating by-the-glass sales at restaurants only.

Fernald said the next step is writing the city ordinance and presenting it to the board for approval.

The ordinance will cover times and days that restaurants or liquor stores can sell liquor, Fernald says. He expects a draft ordinance to be ready by September.

State Alcohol Beverage Control agents John Goza and Hunter Huff briefed the aldermen last week about the two types of possible ordinances permitted under Mississippi law.

Fernald said Goza and Huff will be the enforcing agents for Brookhaven.

“They’re the ones that will tell us what we can do and they’re the ones that will go into these places if there are problems,” Fernald said.

Fernald said ABC has made it clear it will enforce Mississippi laws once the aldermen complete their work.

“We expect an economic effect that is positive for Brookhaven,” he said. “We do not expect to be passed over anymore by restaurants wishing to build in our city now that this law is in place.”

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