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County adds 240-acre, interstate-fronting tract

MCCOMB — Pike County economic developers have upped their portfolio for possible development by taking a three-year option to buy 240 acres fronting Interstate 55.

The Enterprise-Journal reported the economic development district paid Griffin Timber LLC $30,000 for control of the property into 2016. Griffin Timber is owned by businessman Ed Griffin.

The land runs along the east side of Interstate 55, bounded by Wardlaw Road to the north and Airport-Fernwood Road to the south.

Pike economic development district executive director Britt Herrin said the site offers ideal access to the interstate highway. Water services are nearby, he says, and the McComb wastewater treatment plant is close enough that extending sewer service would not be a prohibitive development cost.

“The proximity to both Magnolia and McComb infrastructure is a bonus. It’s fairly flat, it’s got roads on the north and south ends that give you access,” Herrin said.

The tract is far larger than any industrial property now owned by the county.

“Within our current industrial park, we really don’t have any property over 100 acres,” Herrin said. “We need all the options we can get. The more you have, the more likely you’ll fit to what someone needs.”

If the economic development district exercises the option, the agreement would require purchase of the entire 240 acres.

“Three years is probably enough time to decide whether we want to buy it or not, and come up with the resources. It will give us time to market it, too,” Herrin said.


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