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Crews attack flood threats in Horn Lake

HORN LAKE — City crews in Horn Lake are at work this week trying to reduce flood threats in the city.

The Commercial Appeal reported public works employees are clearing ditches that are a major cause of flooding threatening homes and businesses during times of heavy rain.

Public works director Spencer “Penny” Shields says the department has mulched debris in the Dunbarton and Belle Meade areas and will move on to other areas.

He said the goal is to clear waterways so water can flow as freely as possible.

“Ultimately, we’re going to have to deal with Horn Lake Creek, but for now this stuff that’s accumulating in these ditches is hindering the water flow,” he said.

Neighboring Southaven and Olive Branch in eastern DeSoto County regularly face threats from heavy rain as well.

In Horn Lake, residents have complained to aldermen during recent meetings about flooding that in some cases has cut them off from their homes and caused extensive damage.

Mayor Allen Latimer and Shields told them the city was trying to address the problem. Shields said the city may buy new equipment to aid in clearing debris.

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