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Keeping Our Eye On: Chad Harman

Name: Chad Harman

Age: 21

Position: Founder and President

Company: Cryogenic Studios

Chad Harman

Chad Harman

Growing up, Chad Harman considered himself a “space junky.”

“I read more space books than I can count,” Harman says. “I even created my own version of space travel using electromagnets and the Earth’s electromagnetic sphere. I would have given anything to be an astronaut.”

As the founder of video game developer Cryogenics Studios, the home school graduate and Belhaven University student gets to combine technology and science fiction with art and business.

“Video game development is something few people know about,” he says. “When we make a video game we get to collaborate with everyone else, which ultimately leads to storytelling at its highest level.”

Right now, Harman and his college friends are designing games for smartphones as well as traditional consoles.

“I am a music composer, writer and administrator, but mostly, and maybe most ardently, I’m the idea guy,” he says. “I’d love to be standing in a retail line in New York City and see people buy a game that came from the heart and soul of this great state.”

When not working, Harman enjoys music, making short films and leading in the worship band at the Wingard Home in Jackson.

Harman is also still interested in space. “They’ve been talking about the opportunity to put a colony on Mars. I’d go.” he says.

Heroes or mentors: “A tie between my dad and Morgan Freeman.”

Best thing about Mississippi: Long country highways

Favorite Mississippi food: Fried chicken

Favorite TV show: “Chuck”

Favorite movie: “A Beautiful Mind”

Favorite music: Relient K

Bucket list: “Eat the world’s largest pizza. I’d love to write and direct a film as well. But one day at a time.”

Twitter handle: @chadwickharman




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