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Meteorologist: Lid about to fly off the Tropical storm season

hurricaneIf you were thinking it’s been a quiet year for hurricanes, forecasters say you shouldn’t let your guard down. The worst is yet to come.

“Still 75 percent of the season to go,” Weather Channel meteorologist and on-air personality Jim Cantore wrote in a twitter post to the Northwest Florida Daily News. “They will happen.”

But how many will happen, and how ferociously, remains a matter of conjecture, with many forecasters insisting the Atlantic basin will see a very busy remainder of the season despite the comparatively slow start.

“I am forecasting that the ‘lid will come off’ on tropical activity right around Aug. 15 with a flurry of activity between about Aug. 15 and Sept. 20,” said Rob Lightbown, a meteorologist and owner of Crown Weather Services, a private weather data company headquartered in Caribou, Maine. “(The) pattern this year is pretty ripe to see at least a couple of landfalling hurricanes along the U.S. Southeast and Gulf coasts between Aug. 15 and Oct. 15.”

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