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Southern Miss holds logistics, trade and transportation conference

The University of Southern Mississippi’s Center for Logistics, Trade and Transportation (CLTT) recently held its Fall 2013 Industry Advisory Council Roundtable at the Trent Lott National Center on the Hattiesburg Campus.

USMThe event brought together industry professionals from both the public and private sector, including past and present students of the MSLTT program, to discuss the implementation of the center’s strategic plan and continue coordination of the Spring 2014 Logistics, Trade and Transportation Symposium.

“The industry was very pleased with the CLTT accomplishments and pledged to continue supporting the activities of the CLTT,” said Center Director Tulio Sulbaran. “Representatives from both the public and private sectors had a very dynamic and energetic discussion on the strategic direction of the CLTT and the upcoming symposium.”

Sulbaran noted that the industry and the University demonstrated a commitment to implement the CLTT Strategic Plan in order to reach the center’s full potential to support the University’s mission and economic development of Mississippi and the Gulf region.

The Logistics, Trade and Transportation Spring Symposium will be held Feb 26-27, 2014 at the USM Gulf Park campus in Long Beach, Miss. Information about the symposium is already available at: http://www.usm.edu/logistics-trade-transportation/logistics-trade-and-transportation-symposium-2014-theme-southeastern.

Source: University of Southern Mississippi

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