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Have you checked your car's airbags lately?

It’s one thing to traffic counterfeit handbags; it’s quite another to deal in bogus airbags.

Yes, airbags — those things that are supposed to save lives in the event of a car accident!

Turns out it’s a bigger issue than one might think. Fortunately, some groups are working to remedy the problem with a Mississippian playing a lead role.

The Association of Global Automakers (Global Automakers) is all smiles over the Council of State Government’s (CSG’s) decision to adopt, as a model bill, a Connecticut law that makes it a crime to knowingly sell or install a counterfeit or nonfunctional airbag in a vehicle.

“Counterfeit airbags in the marketplace pose risks of serious injury to the public, and thanks to the efforts of Global Automakers and its members, the states are now in a position to take action against these dangerous acts,” said CSG chairman and Mississippi state Rep. Bobby Moak (Democrat-District 53). “It is our hope that other states will follow Connecticut’s lead and make people think twice before knowingly and intentionally manufacturing, selling, or installing fake airbags.”

Global Automakers worked closely with the original sponsor of the Connecticut bill that was signed into law this summer, and pressed for its adoption as a model bill at CSG’s annual meeting in Kansas City last week. The model bill will make it a felony offense for anyone to install, manufacture, import, reinstall, or sell counterfeit airbags. The legislation also prohibits installing a device to alter the vehicle’s diagnostic system to make a counterfeit airbag appear to be functional.

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