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Ex-coroner gets demand for nearly $400K; PERS alerted

UNION COUNTY — State Auditor Stacey Pickering says special agents have served a demand to former Union County coroner Mark Golding in the amount of $398,418.83.

The Auditor’s Office began an investigation on Golding May 28 and determined that Golding submitted false claims, totaling $276,591.56, to the Union County Board of Supervisors requesting fees for deaths which he did not investigate.

In addition to submitting false claims, this information was reported to the Mississippi Public Employment Retirement System (PERS) thereby inflating his future benefits. Golding resigned as coroner June 6, and on Aug. 29 an order was issued in Union County Circuit Court freezing Golding’s retirement account.

“The civil demand issued by my office today represents the initial step to recover funds that were misappropriated,” said Pickering. “During the 90-day freeze, we intend to work with PERS to reduce these inappropriate wages and return to Union County the employer funds paid into PERS by the taxpayers.”

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  1. Stories like this makes you wonder who are the employees of the state that are turning a blind eye to fraud. Mr. Golden already had it in his mind that this type of behavior was tolerated, so what official before him sat the standard that it is ok to steal from the county? I would be interested to know what are the policies and audit trail procedures of Union County to prevent this from happening again?

    In my opinion, someone else in Union County should be fired for NOT doing their own job and it starts with leadership.

  2. i agree with Dana these practices have been going on for years and standards set. i feel if you going clean house clean the whole house there’s more dirt if they “want” to find it ….taxpayers been footin the bill on a bunch of happys for city and county

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