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Cadence Bank releases 'Fluent' to help customers' money mangement

TotalMoneyCadence Bank today announced the release of Fluent by Cadence, a new suite of products designed to help clients manage their money better, faster and more conveniently.

Available at no charge to Cadence Bank customers, Fluent is comprised of three secure, user-friendly products for a comprehensive and engaging money management experience: Cadence Mobile, Cadence FlashDeposit and Cadence TotalMoney. With Fluent, customers get the convenience of mobile banking, mobile deposit, personal financial management and online budgeting.

“In today’s connected world, technology facilitates many of our everyday experiences,” said Sam Tortorici, CEO of Cadence Bank. “Consumers are interacting with financial services and financial data in a much deeper way, and they’re looking for richer banking experiences. Much of what was once done at the branch is now being done through smartphones and tablets.”

Fluent allows customers to: Aggregate accounts for a complete financial picture, set and track monthly budgets, view spending by category, better manage debt and deposit checks with a photo from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Cadence Bank, N.A., based in Birmingham, Ala., is a $6.2 billion bank with more than 100 locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. It has 15 locations in Mississippi, mostly in East Mississippi between Philadelpha and Amory.

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