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Everybody in Coast city hopes natural gas leaks stopped soon

Moss Point officials are worried about where all of the city’s natural gas is going and the cost, and all are concerned in this Coast city about safety issues surrounding natural gas line leaks.

Hopefully all will rest a little easier soon.

The city of Moss Point has received four bids for repair work on the city’s leaky natural gas lines.

Mayor Billy Broomfield says the project is important because the state Public Service Commission mandated last year the city reduce the unaccounted natural gas loss, which was 42 percent at that time. That amount is now at 24 percent.

Broomfield says now all the repairs can be made.

The board of aldermen will review the bids. Broomfield says the plan is to get a contractor at work by mid-November.

The bids ranged from a low of $872,263 to a high of $1.9 million.

The city received a $2.5 million bond earlier this year to replace the gas lines and improve drainage.

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