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Here's another suggestion if you don't like Common Core

I’ve heard tons of reason why Common Core, the new education method sweeping the country, won’t work. However, I haven’t heard anyone offer a different solution … Gripe, gripe, gripe …

“It’s a liberal attack on education,” some say.

“It’s conservative trying to take over our children at a young age,” others say.

While I think Common Core will likely work just fine, here is another alternative I believe is a good one. With kids in school myself, I see the good in this new program that started three years ago at Clintondale High School, just north of Detroit.

It became a “flipped school” — one where students watch teachers’ lectures at home and do what we’d otherwise call “homework” in class. Teachers record video lessons, which students watch on their smartphones, home computers or at lunch in the school’s tech lab. In class, they do projects, exercises or lab experiments in small groups while the teacher circulates.

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