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Mississippi Phosphates back in the news — this time it's merely taxes

Pascagoula-based Mississippi Phosphates Corp. is back in the headlines again, this time over nonpayment of taxes totaling more than $666,000. However, that’s pretty tame compared to the challenges and issues the plant has faced over the past decade or so.

The Jackson County tax collector told county supervisors the fertilizer manufacturer owes more than a half-million dollars in personal property tax and approximately $125,000 in real property taxes, according to The Associated Press.

The company issued a statement Monday that it intends to pay the taxes.

The company “has paid millions of dollars in taxes to Jackson County through the years, and we are fully committed to resolving this matter and paying any taxes that we may owe,” the statement said.

“We have made a significant investment in our facilities and anticipate additional investments in the future,” the statement said.

The delinquent taxes are the latest is a string of negative news coming from Mississippi Phosphates. Born out of bankruptcy, the company has recorded heavy quarterly losses, environmental issues, an explosion, multiple worker deaths and faulty equipment/shutdowns since 2004.

Yet, the plant keeps running, producing more than 600,000 tons of fertilizer each year.

If nothing else, one can say with a certainty that the folks at Mississippi Phosphate are a determined lot.

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  1. I am told they have made payments on their taxes

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