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Trent Lott: "… on days like today, I remember why I left"

Trent Lott (file photo)

Trent Lott (file photo)

“I miss it sometimes, but then on days like today, I remember why I left,” former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said Tuesday in Biloxi before his speech at the Southern States Energy Board. Lott took a few minutes before his speech to discuss the government shutdown and looming debt ceiling crisis.

Lott, who served 35 years in Congress before leaving office in 2007, said if he was still in office, things wouldn’t be where they are right now.

“When I first went to the Senate, I was a rebel warrior type guy and raised a lot of cane and got nothing done,” Lott said. “After six months I said this is not working, I have to change my style, get to know the senate, get to know the senators. I spent six months doing that, getting to know the institution. Six and a half years later I was the majority leader.”

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  1. I’m very happy that you’re gone Senator Lott. You and Thad were/are part of the problem and not part of the solution. It is foolish not to use every tactic possible to rein in big government. The only reason essentials would not be paid is because of the bad spending choices made by you and people like you. There is plenty of money available to pay interest on the debt if we eliminate nanny state spending instead of legitimate government spending!

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