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Cabbies facing board-ordered log-keeping

VICKSBURG — Taxi drivers could soon be required to keep log books chronicling their activities.

The Vicksburg Post reported a meeting has been set for Dec. 9 involving the city’s Public Transportation Board and cab company owners.

The board set the meeting Tuesday after member Stan Collins suggested the logs as a way to ensure drivers are getting sufficient rest between shifts.

Collins also said log-keeping could be of help to police — a passing driver may have seen something at a crime scene.

Collins, who owns a trucking company, said federal transportation regulations require commercial truck drivers to keep logbooks showing activity.

“I believe it would be a really good thing to have, to keep up with the drivers and know where they’re at, and whether they’re working or not working,” he said, adding the city’s logbook would not require as much information as a federal log.

Board member Rita Wyatt said officials of Executive Cab Co., one of the city’s three cab companies, told her their drivers already keep a log of fares and destinations.

“We need to look at something,” board chairman Jim Stirgus Jr. said, “but not something that’s going to require a whole lot of detail, because we don’t want to get the drivers bogged down with too much detail.”

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