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Hunters can expect to see bigger bucks as gun season opens

This could be the Year of the Trophy Buck in Mississippi.

Mississippi’s white-tailed deer hunting season with guns opens Saturday and runs through Dec. 1.

Hunting with dogs is allowed during this season.

According to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, the state’s whitetail deer herd is smaller than it was last year as hunters prepared to take the field. And, that is a good thing.

“Our deer population last year was high — extremely high; ridiculously high,” said Lann Wilf, leader of the MDWFP’s Deer Program.

Wilf said the whitetail deer numbers have decreased of late due to natural causes (hemorrhagic disease, especially in Southwest Mississippi) and new deer-management practices.

While the herd is smaller, the deer are larger. The average age of a buck shot in Mississippi last year was 3.25 years old. The bigger bucks taken have elevated Mississippi to one of the prime spots in the United States to take a trophy animal.


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