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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bullfighting in Mississippi is a cruel event; boycott


Very disappointed with you Pete. There was I advising opponents of your Mississippi Bullfighting promotion not to type personal insults and praising you for allowing us to debate the topic and what do you do? Ban me from commenting!

That’s what the big bosses used do in the dark era of slavery Pete and the white supremacists before black people gained any rights in your ‘great’ country. Debating is a noble activity Pete and you should be mature enough and articulate enough to engage in reasoned debate – after all, isn’t the USA the spiritual home of ‘freedom of speech’?

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I really thought, from all the self-promotion on your various websites, that you had slightly higher morals than “You’re free to voice your opinion as long as it’s the same as mine” school of thought. Now that I realise that I was wrong, I am about to write to all the newspapers and all the media people in Jackson letting them know what kind of tactics you employ to muzzle those of us who have the nerve to disagree with your making money from sadists who like to pay money to see unwilling animals being tortured.

It’s a global village Pete and unfortunately for you, people outside your little circle do actually have the right to oppose you on a public forum. It’s not too late to pull the plug on the seedy ‘entertainment’ debacle that you have arranged for the Kirk Fordice Equine Centre on 7th December. I sincerely hope that all decent people in Mississippi will boycott it if it goes ahead.



F. M. Kennedy,

(Citizen of the United States residing in Galway, Ireland)

About Ross Reily

Ross Reily is editor of the Mississippi Business Journal. He is a husband to an amazing wife, dad to 3 crazy kids and 2 dogs. He is also a fan of the Delta State Fighting Okra and the Boston Red Sox.


  1. Here in Catalunia we banned bullfighting and would hate to see it appear in other countries. The reason it was banned is self apparent, sadistic barbarity.
    Acording to all polls, the vast majority of people in Spain do not support bullfighting and see it as a relic of the past. We no longer wish to be associated with anything this cruel. Im sure most North Americans would agree. Kind Regards, Bob Hill Mari.

  2. Hear hear Mr.Kennedy, you speak so eloquently for many!

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