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UPDATE: Nissan sales up 14.2 percent in October, a record for the company



Full sales numbers are below. Here is an outline Mississippi-built products …

»  Frontier sales jumped 71.8 percent in October to 5,242 units, thanks in part to the popularity and increased availability of fuel-efficient 4-cylinder models.

»  Sentra sales rose by 49.3 percent to 8,399 units.

»  Xterra sales were up 11.4 percent to 1,114 units.

» Armada sales increased by 22.2 percent to 1,187 units.

» NV sales climbed by 30.6 percent to 1,006 units.




Here are Nissan’s top line sale numbers for the month of October.


» Nissan Motor Co. sales in the U.S. were up 14.2 percent to 91,018, an October record. (Oct. 2012 total sales were 79,685.)

» Nissan Division sales also set a new October record, up 15.4 percent to 81,866. (Oct. 2012 sales were 70,928.)

» Infiniti sales totaled 9,152 for the month, up 4.5 percent over the prior year. (Oct. 2012 sales were 8,757.)


Nissan model highlights:

» Rogue sales jumped 53.1 percent to 12,919, an October record. The all-new 2014 Rogue, now in production at Nissan’s Smyrna, Tenn. assembly plant, goes on sale later in November.

» Sentra sales gained 49.3 percent to 8,399.

» Pathfinder sales were up 90.4 percent to 5,793.

» Sales of Nissan LEAF finished October at 2,002, up 26.8 percent over a strong Oct. 2012 total of 1,579.

» Frontier pickup sales gained 71.8 percent to 5,242.

» October records were also established by JUKE (3,328 sales) and the NV full-size van lineup (1,006).


Quote from Erik Gottfried, Director, Nissan Electric Vehicle Sales and Marketing

“LEAF sales in October set a monthly record for the eighth month in a row with improved availability of the popular S trim driving further sales in new wave markets such as Houston and Boston. Atlanta held on to the title of No. 1 LEAF market for the third month in a row, narrowly edging out San Francisco. As LEAF sales continue to diversify geographically, we saw particularly strong sales in the Central Region led by Denver and Salt Lake City.”

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