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MARTY WISEMAN — Obamacare: Dead or an alternative?

We are on the eve of a potentially life or death moment for the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. The stakes are high for the Republicans and for President Obama, who is preparing to spend the remainder of his term as the lamest of lame ducks if his signature piece of legislation totally collapses. Based on the latest ...

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Greater Jackson Alliance pushes assets of whole region

When it comes to selling points, the Greater Jackson Alliance members lay claim to an impressive list, according to Ross Tucker, the GJA director and its chief salesman. “We have the largest population base in the state. We have the most colleges and universities within our area. We have a highly educated workforce and a quality of life here. Those ...

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Pass Christian Olive Oils and Vinegars has taken off

A Minnesota couple with Coast ties is opening a gourmet olive oil and vinegar shop in Pass Christian just like the successful one they opened a year ago in Northfield, Minn. After Sherry and Joe Morgan opened Northfield Olive Oils and Vinegars in Sherry’s home state, both have left their careers — she in banking, he in engineering — to ...

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New owners plan cautious change for Highland Village

As lease renewal time arrived, second-generation Highland Village retailers Ken and Tracy Szilasi weighed the tremendous potential of Ridgeland’s Renaissance at Colony Park and Madison’s thriving retail centers. The Maison Weiss owners ultimately decided their best play was to stay put and continue catering to a customer base Ken Szilasi’s grandparents Nell and Bernie Weiss began cultivating when they opened ...

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BOOK BIZ — This short story master delivers another impressive collection

In Dear Life, her 14th book of short stories, Alice Munro revisits the territory and topics that have endeared her to readers for years. Set mostly in the rural Canadian countryside she calls home, Munro weaves tales of regret, of unfulfilled lives, of children trying to make sense of the confounding things the adults around them do, of people resisting ...

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BOBBY HARRISON: 2015 Legislature could face a teacher pay controversy

JACKSON, Mississippi — The rapidly approaching 2014 legislative session – not 2015 – will be the time to take up any controversial proposals. The 2015 session will be in an election year. In election years, legislators and the governor only want to deal with feel-good issues – the type of proposals that guarantee votes. For instance, if state revenue collections continue ...

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