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Coast city to repay BP grant funding for Ocean Expo

BP-logoD’IBERVILLE — D’Iberville must refund more than $1 million of a $3-million BP grant awarded to cover some of the expense of bringing Ocean Expo aquarium to the city.

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality administered the grant for BP. The agency has spent nine months reviewing the circumstances that led to the firing of city manager Michael Janus and his indictment on federal corruption charges.

On Jan. 28, MDEQ issued a stop-work order, a day after an article in the Sun Herald revealed discrepancies in the grant process.

MDEQ spokesman Robbie Wilbur said the contract expired Nov. 1 and D’Iberville must return the $843,000 in unspent money plus the $300,000 hold-back MDEQ retained as part of the contract.

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