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Delta city sets shorter deadline for owners of blighted property

LELAND — The town of Leland is giving owners of dilapidated homes less time to decide what to do with them.

The board of aldermen this week voted to give owners of structures that are candidates for condemnation 15 days to produce a written agreement with a contractor stating that work would begin within 60 days.

If they fail to do so, officials say the property will be condemned and scheduled for demolition.

Mayor Kenny Thomas tells the Delta Democrat Times that during his time as mayor and an alderman, he has seen owners of blighted homes get multiple extensions and never fix them up.

“The board always gives everyone extensions and this stuff is laid to the side, and the buildings just stay there and nothing is done about them,” Thomas said.

The board acted after former Mayor Barbara Brooks sought a 90-day extension before the city condemned two properties she administers.

Brooks said the houses were owned by her mother and sister, both of whom died before the properties could be sold. The properties were put into their estates. Brooks said she has the authority to repair them or tear them down.

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