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Extension launches new app for cattle producers

STARKVILLE — Cattle producers have access to a free app that calculates a variety of factors impacting their livestock management decisions.

The Mississippi State University Extension Service released the MSUES Cattle Calculator Dec. 2 for Apple devices.

Brandi Karisch, an assistant professor of animal and dairy sciences at MSU, is the Extension beef specialist who provided technical information to develop the app at the request of Mississippi beef cattle producers.

“The cattle calculator is very easy to use and allows producers to quickly assess issues related to reproduction, animal performance and other management decisions,” Karisch said. “It provides them with an easily accessible tool at their fingertips for making important calculations that can affect the day-to-day operations of their farm or ranch.”

Reproduction-related calculations include expected calving dates based on known breeding dates and breeding dates based on a known calving dates. The app can provide the number of days a cow has been pregnant based on the current date and a breeding date. It includes a breeding season calculator that provides calving and breeding dates based on a set breeding season.

“The calculator will provide insight into growth and overall performance with an adjusted birth weight based on the mother’s age, adjusted weaning weight and adjusted yearling weight; average daily gain; and required gain to reach a certain projected endpoint,” she said.

“Management assistance includes dosage calculations for dewormers and other medicines based on an animal’s weight and the manufacturer’s recommended dosage. It also provides frame scores and trailer stocking density,” she said.

Kelli Alexander of the Extension Center for Technology Outreach developed the app with input from producers, Karisch and other faculty members.

Download the app at tinyurl.com/msues-cattle-calculator or by searching MSUES Cattle Calculator in the Apple app store.

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