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Officials release fish fingerlings in state lakes

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks has added more than half a million crappie and coppernose bluegill to lakes around the state.

A news release says two Delta oxbow lakes were stocked with 283,000 bluegill. About 179,000 went to Bee Lake in Holmes County and 104,000 to Moon Lake in Coahoma County.

Bee Lake also received white and Magnolia crappie. Eagle Lake in Warren County also was stocked with white crappie.

Magnolia crappie, a sterile hybrid, were brought to the lakes at Roosevelt and Tombigbee state parks; Lakes Jeff Davis, Mike Conner, Simpson County, Prentiss Walker, Claude Bennett, Kemper County, Tippah County and Lamar Bruce; and at Charlie Capps Wildlife Management Area.

Officials say the Magnolia crappie is ideal for small impoundments because it cannot overpopulate them.

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