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BOOK BIZ — Gone Girl is devilishly dark thriller

» Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn Published by Crown Publishers $25.00 hardback

» Gone Girl
By Gillian Flynn
Published by Crown Publishers
$25.00 hardback

Upon finishing this engrossing book, I gave a sigh of relief that it was over and moaned at the unsatisfactory ending. Even though the book has had lots of buzz, I probably would not have read it had my book club not chosen it as the January selection. The member who pitched it claimed the book is similar to Girl with a Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson; that’s what sold it to me.

After reading Gone Girl, I can say the only similarity to Larsson’s Swedish thriller is that both have intricate plots with surprise twists. I read all three of Larsson’s books, but will not read another of Flynn’s based on the characters of Gone Girl. Flynn didn’t make me care about her main characters, and I had sympathy for a pitiful few of the supporting characters. As one of the dust jacket blurbs says, “a tense story with terrifyingly believable characters.”

That’s just one of several gushing complimentary cover blurbs. I will say it is a well-written book with turns and twists that can not be predicted. My hat is off to the author. However, the main character Amy — whose disappearance is the story’s plot — is so cunningly diabolical it makes me wonder what sort of mind comes up with the lengths to which Amy would go to ensnare her husband, Nick. For instance, staging a fake antifreeze poisoning and save her vomit in a jar in the freezer!

Considered a perfect couple, Amy and Nick’s world begins to unravel when both lose their writing jobs in Manhattan. They move back to Nick’s Missouri hometown on the banks of the Mississippi River. Through Amy’s bizarre diary and flashback from both of them, all sorts of bad and strange feelings come to light and make Nick the prime suspect in Amy’s disappearance. Most often when a man or woman disappears or is killed, the spouse becomes a suspect. As has been proven over and over, the line between love and hate is thin.

I do recommend reading this book for the taut, gripping tale of suspense that it is. It’s devilishly dark and fast paced. I bet a movie deal is already in the works and there’s no way the screen will be able to adequately capture this psycho thriller.

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