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Delta school district wants to revoke teachers' licenses

GREENVILLE — The Greenville Public School District will ask the Mississippi Department of Education to revoke the licenses of any teacher who fails to serve out his or her one-year contract.

The Department of Education requires that school districts submit the names of teachers who breach their contract.

The Delta Democrat Times reports the school district will ask the state to revoke the licenses of 14 teachers who failed to serve out their contracts.

Superintendent Leeson Taylor II says those teachers will be prevented from working elsewhere in the state, he said.

The Department of Education determines the length a teaching license is inactive.

“It’s not so much that we’re trying to hurt them, but it’s in the best interest of students,” district spokesman Everett Chinn said.

Board president Jan Vaughn said she was concerned about the number of teachers who are “walking away from their contract.”

When teachers leave before their contracts end, the district must fill those positions with substitute teachers for the remainder of the school year, Chinn said.

“We must ensure that our kids are adequately being served and that they have a licensed highly qualified and certified instructor before them,” he said. “The district will continue its ongoing effort to attract the very best educators to Greenville public schools.”

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