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ALAN TURNER — Good people in state are doing great things

M ississippi is blessed with an incredible array of resources compared to other states in the Southeast. For one thing, we have excellent water sources. Consider the water wars that are going on among the states of Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida, an example of too much demand and too few resources.

In Mississippi, we have it all: Energy, water, some of the most productive farmland in the world, timber, a great strategic location, the appeal of the Gulf Coast for tourism, a pro-business climate, great universities, and much more. Given our relatively small population base, we have lots of room to grow in the coming years, and it stands to reason that Mississippi can expect a bright economic future.

There is one other great asset that our state has to offer: Namely, people who care. For all of the problems and challenges we face, there are many, many committed people who are working to improve things, solve problems, and help others to live better and more productive lives. Specifically, I’m referring to the many non-profits in Mississippi who work tirelessly to accomplish those objectives, often with very limited resources and support.

In some ways, also, many of these non-profits do what they do with little recognition for their hard work and effort. They often represent the last, best hope for people in need. They have helped to turn around many lives, saved many families from catastrophe, and have helped to correct some of our toughest challenges in the Magnolia State.

These are the folks who are truly committed to “paying it forward,” and without their efforts, life in Mississippi would be more challenging for many people. I for one truly respect the work done by many of these non-profit groups and agencies, and I’d like to do more by way of recognizing their steadfast efforts to making Mississippi a better place. To that end, I’m planning to publish an occasional profile of a worthy non-profit and the work being done by them.

I have several candidates in mind, but I’d also love to hear from readers with suggestions for a great non-profit group, or even an individual, who is paying it forward, and deserves special recognition for that effort. If you have an agency , group, or individual in mind who should be recognized, please forward your suggestion to me at Alan.Turner@MSBusiness.com, along with a little background on why you feel that agency or individual should be recognized.

In addition to the great natural and cultural resources mentioned above, perhaps our very best asset is human resources: good people doing great things.

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