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Gene Taylor, now a Republican, announces bid for 4th congressional district

Gene Taylor

Gene Taylor

The Sun Herald has reported that former Congressman Gene Taylor is filing papers today to run as a Republican against incumbent Fourth District Congressman Steven Palazzo-R.

Taylor lost to Palazzo in 2010. They will face each other in the June 3 congressional and senate primary. Also on the ballot will be state Sen. Chris McDaniel-R against incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran-R. Democrat Rep. Travis Childers has announced he will run against Cochran and McDaniel for the U.S. Senate.

The qualifying deadline for congressional and senate candidates was by the end of Friday.

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  1. Congressman Taylor could have voted to kill ObamaCare in committee but instead, he voted to allowed this horrid law that is causing the ruination of our health care industry to get to the floor of the House to be voted on by the Democrat majority. He was for it before he was against it. Of course as a Republican he will work with Democrats, he is a Democrat in Republican clothing.

  2. Glad he’s running, we need an adult representing us in Washington

  3. Barry, You lie! Rep. Taylor was NOT on any committee responsible for the Obamacare bill. Taylor was a member of two committees: Armed Services and Transportation & Infrastructure during his time in Congress. Yes, Taylor was a Democrat, but he voted against Obamacare just as he said he would. Barry, I get it that you don’t like Taylor. You’re entitled to your opinion but not to make up your own facts. Stop the lies!

  4. Festus, that was Steven Palazzo who voted against Obamacare! When we pleaded with Taylor to leave the Democrat Party, he told us all the reasons he could not join the Republicans. What has changed? Oh, he lost his job as a “choked” Democrat. That is what has changed!

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