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MMSA to welcome 'Small Town, Miss.' as new member

The Mississippi Main Street Association (MMSA) will welcome a new member next week, and the community that is joining might come as a surprise to many.

On Feb. 13, the MMSA will designate the City of Small Town, Miss., an official Mississippi Main Street Community.

The designation ceremony will be held at 2 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum in Jackson.

“Small Town, Miss., is a unique treasure that we are fortunate to have at the Ag Museum,” said Cindy Hyde-Smith, Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce. “It depicts a 1920s town complete with a blacksmith shop, church, two-room school and operating general store. Receiving the Mississippi Main Street designation is valuable as we move toward making Small Town a ‘living’ exhibit on a regular basis, breathing life into the buildings so visitors can experience the history of Mississippi agricultural towns.”

Bob Wilson, executive director, MMSA, said, “Small Town, Miss., at the Ag Museum is facing some of the same challenges as many of our small communities across the state. Small Town is home to many businesses and attractions that are not well-known to most Mississippians and many tourists. We will be focusing on marketing opportunities, placemaking, wayfinding and recruiting creative economy businesses to join those that already exist in Small Town.”

Former Main Street manager Lise Foy is now the executive director of the Ag Museum.

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