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Airbus Helicopters to make AStars in Golden Triangle

COLUMBUS —Airbus Helicopters Inc. (formerly American Eurocopter) is bringing production of AStar helicopters to Columbus.

WCBI reports company officials made the announcement yesterday.

“The plant here in Columbus has been in charge of Lakota. Our next step, which has been decided, is the production of the AStar — the very successful helicopter AStar — here in Columbus, Miss. We will produce up to 60 helicopters per year in the plant here and this is a major decision for the group,” Guillaume Faury, Airbus Helicopters president and CEO said. “Columbus, Miss., has been seen as the most attractive one due to a combination of factors, including skills of people, environment, competitiveness of labor. So when we have competitiveness and good skills and good teams we extend the capabilities. This will secure jobs which are here in Columbus and this is contributing to securing as well the know-how and the lives of the people.”

“It’s pretty clear that Airbus helicopters, since we arrived, has led the way on much of the economic growth that’s taken place. When we came here originally in 2001, there was nothing out at this airport. Today, you look around. There’s Severstal, there’s PACCAR, Stark Aerospace, Aurora. We led the way. We had some insight on what this place could mean, what it could give us and what it could provide and the quality of the labor force. And I think that’s proven itself,” said Sam Adcock, general manager of Mississippi Airbus Helicopters.

Production on the AStar could begin as early as September. There are currently 280 employees working at the Columbus plant.

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