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Bryant signs new public records legislation

Jackson-capitol_view_rgbJACKSON — A new Mississippi law could decrease the amount of money people pay to obtain public records.

Gov. Phil Bryant signed House Bill 928 yesterday, and it becomes law July 1.

It says that when a person requests government records, a board or agency can only require reimbursement of costs incurred by the lowest-level employee competent to fulfill the request.

Some agencies have driven up the cost of public records by charging hourly fees for attorneys to examine them.

The Mississippi Center for Freedom of Information and the Mississippi Press Association were among the groups pushing for the change in the interest of open government.

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  1. Now since some ‘already on the payroll’ employee must file these or otherwise put them where they are now kept in physical form, simply let those persons already being paid by the public simply copy these into electronic form and have them readily accessible ‘at NO charge’ online.
    Today more and more records are in electronic form so why not make it a policy to put all public records on the Internet.
    Are is this to simple to be acceptable?

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