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Delta downtown officials form new organization

Melia Christensen

Melia Christensen

GREENWOOD — The Delta Downtown Alliance (DDA), an alliance of downtown representatives from throughout the Mississippi Delta, has been founded.

The DDA’s mission is to strengthen the promotion and publicity of events and projects in historic downtowns throughout the Mississippi Delta in order to unite the region through information sharing and coordinated communication. There are no membership fees for joining, but any community interested in participating must be located in the Mississippi Delta.

The initial participating communities include Greenwood, Greenville, Indianola, Cleveland, Rolling Fork, Clarksdale, Leland and Yazoo City.

“As Main Street Greenwood’s executive director, it has occurred to me that there was not any form of a shared network or collaboration between historic downtown communities in the Delta. There has been a severe lack of communication between communities when it comes to events and projects, so many great events and projects throughout our diverse region have gone unnoticed by our neighbors,” said Brantley Snipes, founder of the DDA.

“Anytime we have an opportunity to coordinate with our neighbors, we want to take advantage of that,” said Melia Christensen, executive director of the Leland Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Association. “I am especially interested in learning what other Delta towns are doing, to see if it can help us enhance what we are doing in Leland.”

The DDA is designed to strengthen the lines of communication between downtown communities and the greater Delta region through social media and information sharing. In order to do so, the Alliance plans to hold quarterly meetings and/or video conferences to share ideas, calendars and other promotional information. Each downtown community representative will utilize a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/deltadowntownalliance) and Twitter handle (@DetlaDowntown) that will highlight the projects and events of their community. The DDA welcomes anyone interested to visit both to learn more about the DDA and stay up-to-date on upcoming events around them.

“Although the Delta Downtown Alliance is in its early stages, we are all really hoping to make it an integral part of the overall promotion of the entire Mississippi Delta region,” said Snipes. “By simply sharing information and strategic planning, we can strengthen our own communities and the overall Delta.”

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