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Drugs or counterfeit goods?

Attorney General Jim Hood

Attorney General Jim Hood

A recent arrest proves one thing — if you’re going to sell drugs, stay away from counterfeit goods.

A Tate County resident has been arrested for the sale of a controlled substance and the sale of counterfeit goods in the Senatobia area, according to Attorney General Jim Hood.

Keith Roderick Danner, 41, of Senatobia was arrested following an undercover investigation in Senatobia, which lead to a stash of alleged controlled substances and counterfeit goods in the defendant’s car and several properties Danner is alleged to have been using to advance counterfeit operations. While executing search warrants, investigators were able to seize approximately $ 60,000 in alleged counterfeit goods, including designer handbags and jeans, Polo shirts and Northface jackets.

If found guilty, Danner faces up to 30 years in prison and up to $ 270,000 in fines.

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