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GreenTech enters partnership with Saleen for sports cars

Greentech-Automotive-LogoWM GreenTech Automotive (GreenTech) is looking to put a little muscle into its energy-efficient vehicles.

WM GreenTech Automotive, a U.S. automotive manufacturer dedicated to developing and producing environmentally friendly, energy-efficient vehicles, has entered a strategic partnership with Saleen Automotive, an American specialty manufacturer of high-performance sports vehicles.

The partnership will combine GreenTech’s automobile resources with Saleen’s decades of super sports car excellence to design and manufacture highly efficient sports cars for the Asian market.

Charles Wang, chairman and CEO of GreenTech, said, “Saleen is the icon of American sports cars and it has demonstrated that high efficiency can be achieved even in the most powerful muscle cars. We are thrilled to be partnering with a leader like Saleen Automotive to create highly efficient sports cars. In addition to our current electric vehicles under the GreenTech umbrella, we’re proud to take this first step in developing vehicles powered by highly efficient combustion engines under the WM brand.”

The partnership will create a product line of new super sports cars, the WM Saleen, for the Asian market. Both companies will not only contribute their expertise in the engineering and manufacturing of the vehicles, but will also collaborate on marketing, branding and distribution of the WM Saleen.

Greentech operates a pilot manufacturing facility in Horn Lake, and is constructing a new manufacturing facility in Tunica.

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