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American HealthTech passes Medicare tests

health-insurance_rgbJACKSON — American HealthTech, a Jackson-based leader in LTPAC EHR, has passed the ICD-10 claim test for Medicare Billing 837i and Form CMS-UB04, along with passing testing with all Medicare fiscal intermediaries, the private insurance companies that serve as the federal government’s agents in the administration of the Medicare program.

These recent advances ensure AHT customers that its EHR software is ready to transmit health care claims electronically to CMS.

The 837i (Institutional) is a uniform institutional billing claim form used by skilled nursing facilities and other institutions to transmit health care claims electronically. The UB04 is the standard paper claim form to bill Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) contractors when a paper claim is allowed. In addition to billing Medicare, the 837I and UB04 may be suitable for billing various government and some private insurers as well.

Teresa Chase, president of American HealthTech, said, “Even though ICD-10 transition has been delayed, providers should still be preparing today. There are benefits they can attain now through cross-walking, testing and training, so providers are well-prepared to realize the full benefits of ICD-10 soon after implementation. For these important reasons, the delay shouldn’t mean providers should stop their progress or momentum. Our toolkit, along with our expert consultants, is ready and available for the industry to utilize.”

Among the resources American HealthTech is providing include a ICD-10 training schedule, webinar series, monthly e-newsletter, spotlight website and personal support services, such as scheduled meetings with its customers to discuss and help manage the undertaking of ICD-10.

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