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Former McRae's getting $35 million remake as Venyu data storage center

Baton Rogue’s Venyu Solutions is set to convert the first McRae’s Department Store into the technology company’s fourth data storage and cloud-based data center. Venyu Solutions said data storage equipment purchases and the conversion of the circa 1960 former Fondren store property represent a $35million investment. The center that will open along the 300 block of Meadowbrook Road will join ...

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TODD SMITH — Digital ads grow, news outlets get smaller share — tips for better business writing

Digital advertising in the U.S. accounted for $42.6 billion in revenue in 2013, an increase of 16 percent over 2012, according to the financial analysis firm eMarketer. But while that digital ad revenue is growing, the numbers show that news organizations are competing for an increasingly smaller share of those dollars. While Google’s recent announcement of a 26 percent increase ...

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GENERATION Y: Planners learning to adjust

When it comes to doing business with Millennials, it’s best to be as comfortable using technology as they are. And they were born to it. Pew Research calls Millennials “digital natives.” In a social trends report published in March on Millennials in Adulthood, Pew researchers said Millennials are “at the leading edge of this social phenomenon. They have also taken ...

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IKE TROTTER: Understanding the impact of incapacity

Incapacity is a relatively new medical and financial definition meaning you are unable to take care of yourself or your day-to-day affairs. Incapacity can result from serious physical injury, mental or physical illness, mental retardation, advancing age and alcohol or drug abuse. Even with today’s medical miracles, it’s a real possibility that you or your spouse could become incapable of ...

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BOMGAR AND BOSTON — Tech company to remain headquartered in Ridgeland

When he first started Bomgar in Ridgeland, Joel Bomgar had a plan for when potential investors came calling on his remote support solutions firm. He heard inquiries from numerous companies since its start 11 years ago, but it was TA Associates that met all the criteria. Last Thursday, Bomgar announced that the Boston-based private equity firm had purchased a majority ...

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‘Make It In Mississippi’ challenge leverages ‘reshoring’ trends

Next year is projected to mark the arrival of a “confluence” of developments in manufacturing that will launch in earnest a long-awaited return of American manufacturers to the United States. The Boston Consulting Group predicted the “confluence” several years ago through an analysis of reshoring trends and factors likely to contribute to a diminished appeal of China to U.S. manufacturers. ...

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