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ANDERSON: Sex, drugs and old age

Clayton Kelly and his friends must be quite stupid. Don’t they know that, beyond a certain age, no one cares about your sex life. In fact, beyond a certain age, ANYone with a sex life is lauded. Hallelujah! Hope for us all! But, we don’t want to talk about it!

Sen. Thad Cochran is 76 years old. I don’t want to think about him having sex. Please, NO ONE should bring this up. I don’t want that picture in my head. Hey, it’s not like he’s Donald Sterling saying idiotic things to his granddaughter/lover. The woman he is supposedly having an affair with is also in her 70s. Ohhh — trying to get that picture out of my head!
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  1. It’s not a matter of if he is or not, it’s a matter of his moral standings in public office/representation. I suspect the majority are in agreement adultery is wrong, right? If a person has the ability to treat their own spouse that way, why should anyone believe Mr. Cochran will do what’s right and moral for the people he represents? If this entire matter is made up by the opposing party, than he should make it clear there is nothing in his personal life that will interfere with his judgement in office for the, hopefully, benefit of his constituency.

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