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Southern Airways to offer non-stop service to Destin

MADISON — Southern Airways will offer new service to Destin, Fla., non-stop from Madison beginning May 29.

“Destin is a prime leisure destination for residents of Jackson and Central Mississippi, and Southern is pleased to be able to offer affordable, luxury air transportation between these two great cities,” said Stan Little, Southern chairman and CEO. “Since Southern is the only air carrier in the country founded and operated by Mississippians, we are especially proud to expand our service to a third airport in the state. The Madison airport (Bruce Campbell Field) is perhaps the most conveniently located airport in our system, with easy access to everyone in the Metro area.”

Unlike the major airlines, Southern flights depart from local, neighborhood airports through the private terminals used by corporate aircraft.

“Our service is not only less expensive than that of the legacy carriers, but our passengers also receive the ‘private plane experience’ normally enjoyed by corporate executives and jet owners,” said Little.

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