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Camgian's Quantas named year's best by M2M Evolution

Camgian-LogoSTARKVILLE — Camgian Microsystems Corporation’s sensor fusion engine, Quantas, has received a 2014 M2M Evolution Product of the Year Award from M2M Evolution Magazine.

Quantus is an end-to-end M2M solution comprising low-power, cellular-based differential pressure sensors that report on-site liquid inventory information to a secure, cloud-based software application, which supports various analytical, visualization and reporting functions. These include predictive analytics that enable forecasting of servicing requirements; advanced data visualization dashboards for improved liquid inventory management; and reporting tools that provide real-time servicing alerts and status messages to desktop and mobile devices.

Released in the fall of 2013, Quantus has demonstrated the ability to significantly reduce inefficiencies in truck route planning for the collection of waste oil across a geographically disparate customer base.

This Product of the Year Award represents Quantus’s second M2M industry award in 2014.

“It is my pleasure to recognize Quantus, an innovative solution that earned Camgian the 2014 M2M Evolution Product of the Year Award,” said Rich Tehnrani, CEO, TMC. “I look forward to seeing more innovation from Camgian in the future.”

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