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DMR sets beginning of shrimp season for June 18

cr120622_shrimp.jpgGULF OF MEXICO — Mississippi authorities say shrimp season will begin June 18 in state waters.

The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources made the announcement yesterday.

The start of the season has been delayed by the slow growth of shrimp, held back by a cold winter and heavy pulses of fresh water from rains. The state doesn’t open the Mississippi Sound for shrimping until the crustaceans reach a size of 68 per pound.

Recreational and commercial shrimp season ends at midnight on Dec. 31, north of the Intracoastal Waterway, and at midnight on April 30, 2015, south of the waterway. Live-bait shrimping is open year-round.

All shrimpers in Mississippi waters must have state permits.

Bacteria has been killing shrimp raised in ponds overseas, raising prices and profit hopes of Gulf of Mexico shrimpers.

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