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Letter to the editor: Sen. Cochran is the right choice for Mississippi farmers

Mississippians, and in particular rural Mississippians, have long benefitted from a steady and unwavering champion in Washington—Thad Cochran. In a town that so often doesn’t work, Sen. Cochran has worked diligently on behalf of Mississippi’s farmers, cattlemen, poultry growers, timber owners, and small businesses and rural communities across our state.

In just the last year, as Ranking Member on the Senate Agriculture Committee, Sen. Cochran carefully shepherded the 2014 Farm Bill through a gridlocked Congress, across the President’s desk and into law. While reducing the deficit by nearly $23 billion, the Farm Bill still provides the risk management Mississippi farmers need to deal with variability in weather, markets and changing regulations.

Sen. Cochran understands that Mississippi agriculture isn’t just about row crops. The Farm Bill includes important disaster provisions for livestock and poultry producers, as well as private timber owners. Thanks to Sen. Cochran’s foresight and leadership, those affected by the recent tornadoes in Mississippi will be eligible for assistance to help them recover from their losses.

But right now, it’s Sen. Cochran who needs Mississippi farmers. Farmers for Thad urge you to be proactive and remind your family, your coffee shop friends, and anyone else who depends on farmers for three meals a day, of the countless ways Thad Cochran has served and must continue to serve Mississippi.

Please join us in voting for Sen. Thad Cochran on Tuesday, June 24.

Farmers for Thad
c/o Danny Murphy
Canton, MS 

About Ross Reily

Ross Reily is editor of the Mississippi Business Journal. He is a husband to an amazing wife, dad to 3 crazy kids and 2 dogs. He is also a fan of the Delta State Fighting Okra and the Boston Red Sox.


  1. YOU have got be joking. I’d vote for anyone before I’d vote for cochran

  2. I cannot be reading this correctly. Farmers for Thad is telling Mississippians that we must vote for Thad or our farmers won’t be able to secure risk management, or as the rest of us call it, insurance. Nowhere in this heart-felt letter does Danny discuss the food stamps in the farm bill or the huge subsidies to ConAgra and other commercial farms for advertising. What a joke.

    Even if the entire Farm Bill was for crop insurance, which it isn’t, are we to also believe that Thad Cochran, who can barely give a two minute speech is actually responsible for accomplishing this feat?

    Stop it. The only people I see supporting Thad are those people that want his office to get them money. Cronyism.

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