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Neshoba Democrat spotlights McDaniel's bush league Senate record

Chris McDaniel

Chris McDaniel

The weekly Neshoba Democrat has put forth some strong reporting in compiling information on why state Sen. Chris McDaniel is an inferior choice for the U.S. Senate.

In short, the Democrat says, McDaniel’s Senate work over his six years in the body is that of a lightweight whose legislative efforts consisted mainly of trying in vain to get specialty car license tags passed. He did have success, however, in gaining legislative support for such momentous measures as commendations for a high school band, a church centennial and a Laurel resident.

“Only 36 of the 237 bills he was the principal author of during his career were passed, with many of those the resolutions and commendations. Chris McDaniel wants to be called up to the major leagues, but has a less than stellar performance in the minors. And less than stellar is a generous observation,” the Democrat wrote in an editorial headlined “Honk! Honk! The car tag Senator.”

The newspaper’s conclusion: On Tuesday, June 24, vote Thad Cochran for the United States Senate.

This is the kind of digging into the legislative record of the candidate the state’s daily newspapers should have been doing. But since they didn’t, we are grateful for the hard work put forth by the weekly Neshoba Democrat.

Read the full editorial. It will leave you enlightened.



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