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Former Gov. Musgrove pushing lawsuit to school districts

Money-Graduation Cap_rgbJACKSON — A group of lawyers including former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove is traveling Mississippi trying to get school districts to sign up for a lawsuit against the state seeking repayment of the $1.5 billion that the state had underfunded its K-12 school formula in recent years.

Backers of a separate effort to write a full-funding requirement into the state Constitution are pushing against the proposed suit, saying it could blow a hole in the state’s budget, anger lawmakers and give lawyers too much of the money if they won. They argue a constitutional guarantee of future adequate funding is better.

A spokesman for Musgrove, who was lieutenant governor when the funding formula was enacted, declined comment Friday. It appears only a handful of districts have signed up so far for the lawsuit.


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  1. Musgrove knows what this would do to our state budget. but that is the least of his concern.
    His only concern is that he gets more money than he can ever possibly need.

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