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Presley pressing utilities to extend small business incentives

Brandon Presley

Brandon Presley

JACKSON — In a series of letters sent to the heads of major Mississippi electric and natural gas utilities, Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley is calling for the companies to extend the sign-up periods for new small businesses who want to take advantage of the companies’ small business incentive programs.

Some utilities’ programs are set to expire with a take-service date at the end of this year.

The incentives, which include offerings of reduced rates and waived security deposits, have saved over 1,600 small businesses in Mississippi more than $600,000 since inception, making the incentives the most successful utility rate program for small businesses in America, Presley claims.

Presley introduced the idea of small business incentives in 2011, and since then utilities have extended the programs annually.

“Small Businesses don’t ship jobs to China and Mexico; they create jobs in Mississippi communities. We should do everything possible to help them open up, expand and create jobs. That is why I am calling for our major utilities to extend these incentive so we can help Mom and Pop shops around this state.” Presley said.


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