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Tower Loan – Best Places to Work 2014


With the consumer finance industry in its infancy, Tower Loan opened its first office in Jackson in 1936.  The concept quickly took root, and the Tower Loan-award_rgbcompany grew and prospered at a fast pace.

After World War II, Tower Loan made the decision to sell its offices to various employees within the company. Since then, the company has weathered the storm of high interest rates, recessions, government regulations and difficult litigation environments.

Today, Tower Loan is a leader in the consumer loan industry, with more than 200,000 consumer loan accounts and over 700 team members in over 180 markets.

Currently, Tower Loan has over 180 offices in Mississippi, Louisiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Alabama, and maintains corporate headquarters in Flowood. A rapidly growing company that promotes hard work, Tower Loan offers team members traditional benefits plus monthly incentives and annual bonuses.

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