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Tupelo City Council approves $500K for airport taxiway

aviation-banner2TUPELO — The Tupelo City Council has voted to provide money toward a matching state grant awarded to build a long-discussed taxiway at Tupelo Regional Airport.

The project last fall was estimated to cost $1.2 million and would have repaired the old runway and taxiway. This new project will build a parallel taxiway to the crumbling runway.

The city council is providing $417,000 plus another $83,000 that hasn’t been spent for emergency runway repairs. The funds will be used to match a Mississippi Department of Transportation grant.

Construction should begin toward the end of the year and will take about 200 days to complete.

The taxiway is used by Universal Asset Management, which disassembles and recycles retired aircraft, and companies that sell fuel at the airport.

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