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City leaders craft cost-cutting budget with no tax increase

Tony Yarber

Mayor Tony Yarber

JACKSON — Mayor Tony Yarber and his team have devised a financial plan that he says will reduce city of Jackson spending by $110 million without any tax hike.

Yarber outlined about his proposed budget with city council members yesterday.

The budget is nearly a 22 percent decrease from fiscal year 2014. The total budget is $392.5 million for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1. Last year’s budget was more than $502.4 million.

“In spite of those cuts, not one police officer or firefighter will lose their job,” said Yarber. “In fact we will ensure that the budget is adequate to produce three recruit classes this fiscal year.”

Yarber told the council the budget won’t mean a reduction in staffing or city services.

The proposal also reflects a savings of $8.8 million dollars through the completion of some citywide projects.

The city council will hold a public hearing on the budget on Sept. 4.

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