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State's students score higher on ACT, but still below U.S. average

Education-bubble_rgbACROSS MISSISSIPPI — ACT scores in Mississippi rose slightly again last year, although only about one in eight Magnolia State students are ready for college by the standards of the test.

Mississippi’s 2014 high school graduates made an average composite score of 19 on the test, ticking up from 18.9 last year. That’s still well below the national average, which rose to 21 this year from 20.9 in 2013. But it’s the highest average score for Mississippi test takers in at least 20 years, a period in which Mississippi’s average scores have been mired between 18.5 and 18.9.

The testing organization says that only 12 percent of the nearly 28,000 Mississippi students who took the exam were ready for college in English, math, reading and science. That compares to 26 percent nationwide.

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  1. Even at 26%, that’s pitiful. If only a fourth of a company’s widgets were free of defects, that would be a disaster. We know how to educate humans….the classical trivium. Educators are using the wrong tools and that’s clear.

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