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C Spire now offering new Blast Motion technology for athletes

c-spire-logo_large_verge_medium_landscapeRIDGELAND — C Spire and Blast Motion are offering a new motion detection and smart video capture technology for athletes at all levels to track vital sports metrics, harness their power and improve performance through motion sensor and user-friendly fitness apps on smartphones and tablets.

C Spire reports it is the first company globally to offer these Blast Motion athletic solutions in its more than 65 retail outlets across the Southeast.

C Spire is initially offering three Blast Motion products — Blast Golf, Blast Baseball and Blast Athletic Performance — for competitive athletes at all levels (youth, high school, college and professional). This technology fuses the Blast mobile app and motion sensor technology to detect, capture and sync motion with video. The Blast app automatically creates video highlights with integrated metrics from a variety of important athletic actions to create a unique and shareable digital experience.

“We are constantly looking at how consumers use technology to improve their lives, and these Blast Motion products deliver a customer inspired experience that can’t be found anywhere else,” said Suzy Hays, senior vice president of consumer marketing for C Spire. “This world-class technology equips athletes at all levels with performance enhancing, user-friendly tools that can improve their games.”

The design of the Blast Motion precision motion sensor allows it to achieve the accuracy and performance of professional systems costing up to 100 times as much — all with the goal of improving affordability and competitive performance for athletes of all ages.

“We’re thrilled to partner with C Spire and offer these technologies in a physical retail environment for the first time,” said Michael Woods, vice president of sales for Blast Motion. “With Blast, athletes don’t have to alter their natural movements and wait for the motion capture technology; they can focus on the game and have access to important metrics when they need them right from their smartphone or tablet. They can track athletic movements, compare metrics and easily share that information with coaches and friends. This technology really allows athletes of all ages to gain a competitive edge and see motion in a whole new way.”

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