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Coast sheriff: Federal inmates could bring in $500K annually

handcuffsBAY ST. LOUIS — Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam is asking the Justice Department to send some federal prisoners to his jail.

The county has filed paperwork for approval to house federal inmates. Adam says the move could bring in as much as $500,000 annually.

It costs the county $3.3 million a year to run the jail. The Mississippi Department of Corrections pays the jail $20 daily to house state inmates going through a drug and alcohol program there. The federal government would pay $37 a day to house its prisoners.

Adam says the jail costs the same to run whether there are 100 prisoners or 300 prisoners.

Presently about 170 state and county inmates are housed in the jail.

Adam is hoping about 45 federal inmates will join them.


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  1. There is a law against human trafficking. Why should pretrial inmates be subject to humiliation, ridicule, embarrassment, demeaning by those who act under color of law there at that jail? I know I was once there for about 15 hours as a pretrial inmate, falsely arrested, maliciously prosecuted, then I was released, the misdemeanor criminal charges against me were dismissed with prejudice, two of their own sheriff deputies were fired because of the illegal perpetrations committed against me on may 4, 2013. The charges were dismissed on November 5, 2013, 6 months after I was falsely arrested, now I am suing them in Federal Court for civil rights violations. I would not let my dog stay there, much less human beings. You can see the federal case on http://www.pacer.gov, case # 14cv00466ks-rhw, Mississippi southern district federal court.

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