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Deadline approaching to meet new elevator/escalator inspection law

JACKSON — The Mississippi Insurance Department is reminding Mississippians that the deadline for building owners and managers to have their elevators and escalators inspected under a new Mississippi law is rapidly approaching.

House Bill 817, which became effective July 1, 2013, requires a safety inspection by a certified elevator/escalator inspector licensed by the state of Mississippi before Jan. 1, 2015. (Companies that do maintenance on elevators cannot inspect the elevators. They must be inspected by a licensed third-party inspector not affiliated with the company doing the maintenance.)

The inspector will furnish a copy of his inspection report to building management and also the state. After the inspection report is furnished to the state and any deficiencies are corrected the state will issue an annual operating certificate for that elevator or escalator.

In cases where extensive and expensive repairs are needed the state will work closely with building owners and managers to effect any corrections without disrupting normal business operations as long as the public is not endangered, the MID said in a release.

Legislation, the rules and regulations for elevators and escalators and the fee structure can be found on the MID’s web page atwww.mid.ms.gov/mcsa/conveyance-safety-act.aspx.

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