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Mississippi tops again in ranking of physician-friendly states

Medical check up (clipping path included)ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — For the second straight year, the Magnolia State is tops when it comes to a physician-friendly locale to practice medicine.

Each year, Norwalk, Connecticut-based Physicians Practice compiles its list of the “Best States to Practice,” based on several analytics including cost of living, disciplinary actions taken against physicians, tax burden per capita and physician density. Those states that consistently finish in the top 10 for each of the six qualitative categories are deemed to be most physician-friendly in the number-driven rankings.

As it did in 2013, Mississippi finished at the top of all U.S. states (and the District of Columbia), with Alabama, Texas and Nevada rounding out the top four states. The following states also performed well in this year’s analysis: Tennessee, South Carolina, Indiana, South Dakota, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

The key factors that elevated Mississippi to top of the list included low rates of physician density, cost of living, and tax burden, as well as very low malpractice payouts.

In addition to highlighting the four top states in its October 2014 journal, Physicians Practice also offers more information online for physicians to make their own determinations on the best location for them. A clickable map of the U.S., allows users to view the data points for each state and the District of Columbia, and the “Find Your Best State” tool lets users assign different weights to the metrics to sort the most physician-friendly states based on their personal preferences.

“Our Best States to Practice rankings are a roadmap for physicians to guide them to the best locale to practice medicine, based on the state climate,” said Keith L. Martin, group editorial director for Physicians Practice. “And like all road maps, some things are outside the ‘route’ — so we don’t take into account things like school systems, arts and entertainment, and recreation in our rankings, which are also important to physicians and their families. But we can get the discussion started on the ideal destination.”

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